11 Febbraio, 2017

The Kabobo party – The Congolese soul of the Kabobo Expedition

Francine, the beautiful cook. Two daughters at university and cheerfulness abounding Eric, the best pathfinder you could wish for. A real spirit of the forest. Arcel, […]
13 Febbraio, 2017

The frog’s identity

It’s half past ten in the evening when finally, after 15 hours of uninterrupted work, Anita turns off her headlamp. She has just completed the last […]
14 Febbraio, 2017


The signs are unmistakable: the wind changes, the sky darkens and a mirror the colour of petrol expands over the lake. “Inakuja”, the rain is coming. […]
15 Febbraio, 2017

Kabobo Massif

“Kabobo” announces Mulenda, our inexhaustible guide. After a 5 hour hike, we leave the thick bamboo woods and for the first time in many days we […]
19 Febbraio, 2017

Kilicha River: the heart of the forest

There are in our collective imagination a few images that capture the essence of specific places. Kilicha River is an example, exactly matching the idea of […]
21 Febbraio, 2017

An unexpected suprise

In 2012 in the forest of Bururi in Burundi a group of researchers from the California Academy of Sciences and the University of Texas at El […]
23 Febbraio, 2017

Marina of the micromammals

Marina leaves early each morning. The route she has to walk is long. The first phototraps are a few hills away. She placed them there herself […]