Formally known as Mt Kabogo, the largest, isolated stretch of montane forest in Eastern DRC, has received hardly any attention and remains largely unexplored till recently, this is because since the 1960s it has been the hideout of armed militias who have been fighting against the government. Only in the last few years it is becoming possible to visit this forest. Given its geographic location, to the south of the main Congo Forest Basin and its geographic isolation we it could represent an area of outstanding biological value and of conservation importance at global scale.

Till few years ago, the Kabobo region had not been visited by any team since the late 1950s, when some biological prospections were made in the area.

The Belgian ornithologist Alexander Prigogine sent a field team to collect bird specimens in the mid-50s of the last century. While, in the same years, the Belgian herpetologist Raymond Laurent investigated amphibians in part of the forest. To date a very limited area of forest has been explored and based on preliminary findings is of very high biological interest.