Kabobo Expedition: the setting up

Gennaio 30, 2017

Two 150 Kg boxes of technical and field equipment and 18 suitcases; here you are! The weight of Kabobo Expedition, a biological exploration in one of the least known areas of the Congo forests, is 300 kg.

Departure: Saturday, February 28th, 2017. Destination: Kabobo massif, Democratic Republic of Congo, the almost unexplored forest that plunges directly into 20,000 cubic kilometers of fresh water of Lake Tanganyika, the longest lake in the world. Four Italian and four Congolese researchers, two videomakers and a reporter – me – that will be the narrative voice of this scientific expedition and adventure. Three hundred kilos, so many to move between planes, cars and boats that will take us to the base camp, but so few compared to the value of this mission.

Goal: promoting to the world and Congolese authorities the transformation of the existing nature reserves in a large National Park: Ngamikka, already proposed by WCS and creating one of the largest areas of protected, inviolate mountain forest in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. And how will we do it? During the entire month of February we will go trough the pristine forest of Kabobo, searching for reptiles, amphibians, micro and macro mammals. A genetic sequencing lab will be installed right on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, in a small fishing village, to document the biological uniqueness of the massive Kabobo, through genetic investigation. In other words, we will have real time confirmation of the DNA identity of the species that we will find or we will enjoy for the discovery of new species, unknown to science.

Our goal, and our contribution to the promotion of the future new Park is telling you in (almost) real time the whole expedition, sharing the scientific results, the field camp life and describing to you an amazing part of the world, hoping to involve you in its beauty. Michele, Marina, Deo, Arcel, Paluko and Muhindo will be looking night and day for species to describe an extraordinary world; Anita and Massimo will investigate the depth of their biology to find out their genetic history. Simone and Claus will narrate with images and I will do it in words.

Do you come with us?

See you in Kigali, Rwanda!