While we were on the mountains, after seven days of travelling with plane, car, boat, everyone had the possibility to follow how the expedition was going on the Kabobo Massif through the words and images of our blog. Thanks to a satellite modem we have been able to involve people from all over the world in every important moment of the expedition: the first sequencing in the field, the first test of new nanopore technologies, the many extraordinary species encountered during the journey and the peculiar life in a scientific laboratory itinerant in the heart of a remote forest.The Blog of the expedition has been published and used as a real-time electronic diary of the expedition and can be seen here here.. A crew of videomakers followed the expedition in full to translate it into a short documentary. A powerful communicative tool to make Kabobo's beauty known to the general public and to gather, through the sharing of the knowledge of beauty and uniqueness of this nature, an important support for its protection.